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Biosan UVR-Mi UV-puhdistaja

Tuotenumero: BS-040110-AAA
Myyntiyksikkö: 1
  • UV Air Recirculators are ideal for air disinfection in hospitals (especially in outpatient departments, operating rooms, emergency rooms, delivery rooms etc.), kindergartens, research laboratories, veterinary clinics
  • Recirculators are effective against common airborne diseases by disinfecting the air and efficiently destroying disease-causing agents (viruses, microorganisms) by UV radiation
  • UVR-Mi is the more powerful model of UV air flow cleaner with two UV-lamps
  • Provide complete protection from UV radiation
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain. Very low noise level
  • Built-in timer allows to control the UV lamp operating time
  • Digital control unit allows to track overall UV lamp operating time
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