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Microfil 250ml EZ-PAK 0.45µm 47mm musta ruudutettu

Microfil 250ml EZ-PAK 0.45µm 47mm
musta ruudutettu

Valmistaja: Merck Life Science
Tuotenumero: 64-MZHABG251
Myyntiyksikkö: 150 kpl

The Microfil filtration system is a simple and reliable solution for routine microbiological testing. These ready-to-use, 250 mL Microfil funnels that comes with the 0.45 μm pore size, black gridded EZ pak filter system eliminate the need for washing and sterilizing after each test thus making the equipment handling easier and efficient to trap bacteria. The push-fit design of the Microfil funnels seals tightly to manifold supports without the need for clamps or O-rings. Unlike with conventional filter holders, incomplete sealing at the membrane/funnel interface is eliminated resulting in consistent recovery of organisms.
For the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, combine the EZ-Pak system with the Microfil filtration system. The Microfil system includes ready-to-use, sterile filtration funnels and a unique filtration support to facilitate sample processing. No preparation steps are required.


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Myyntiyksikkö 150 kpl
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