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ICR laskeumamalja TSA LTHTh 20P

ICR laskeumamalja TSA LTHTh

Valmistaja: Merck Life Science
Tuotenumero: 642-1460690020
Myyntiyksikkö: 20 kpl
Tryptic Soy Agar + LTHTh - ICR in 90 mm settle plates (non-lockable) is designed for the determination of the total aerobic microbial count in the air via active or passive air monitoring as well as fingerprints of personnel in isolators and clean rooms with sterile production. It is a complex medium for cultivation and isolation of a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and molds. The formulation of the Soybean Casein-Digest medium contains combination of casein and soy peptones supplying organic nitrogen, particularly amino acids and longer-chained peptides. Sodium chloride maintains the osmotic equilibrium and the medium is supplemented with pyruvate to provide an efficient neutralization of residues of hydrogen peroxide. Lecithin, polysorbate 80 (Tween®), histidine and sodium thiosulfate are neutralizers to inactivate potential residues of disinfectants containing active agents such as Alcohol (70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol), Aldehyde, Dichloroisocyanurate, Glucoprotamine, Peracetic acid, Phenols, Biguanides and quaternary ammonium compounds.


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Myyntiyksikkö 20 kpl
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