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Elatusaine m-Green hiivat ja homeet 2ml

Nestemäinen ampulli
Säilytys 2 - 10 °C
Säilyvyysaika 12 kk

Valmistaja: Merck Life Science
Tuotenumero: 64-MHA000P2M
Toimitusaika 1-2 viikkoa
Myyntiyksikkö: 50 kpl
m-Green Yeast and Mold Broth is a relatively more complex formula compared to other media used for isolation of fungi and yeast.{10} This formulation is rich in nutrient which allows excellent fungal growth. Bacterial growth is inhibited by an acidic pH. Enzymatic digest of casein and enzymatic digest of animal tissue provide nitrogen, carbon, and amino acids in m-Green yeast and mold Broth. Yeast extract is the vitamin source. Dextrose is an energy source for metabolism of fungi. Potassium phosphate is a buffering agent. Magnesium sulphate, Thiamine, and Diastase (a mixture containing amylolytic (starch) enzymes) provide essential ions, minerals, and nutrients. Bromocresol Green is the pH indicator, facilitating visualization and counting of fungal colonies. The colonies are green due to the diffusion of bromocresol green into the colonies (alkaline reaction). Acidic end products from the colonies diffuse into the medium, further reducing the pH and causing the dye to turn yellow (acid reaction). Yeast produces green, opaque large colonies. Mold colonies are green and filamentous.


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Myyntiyksikkö 50 kpl
Saatavuus Toimitusaika 1-2 viikkoa